The Biodiversity and Development Symposium will be held at the main campus of Eduardo Mondlane University on September 26-28, 2018.

The objective of this Symposium is to review the so far achieved accomplishments in the following thematic areas:

  • The state of Biodiversity conservation
  • Biodiversity and Oil and gas project relationships
  • Climate changes and biodiversity conservation
  • Governance, Politics and biodiversity conservation

The main goal of the Symposium is to identify what has been done and what are the practical and right ways to follow for the conservation of biodiversity in Mozambique. The Symposium will provide the opportunity for sharing experiences and good practices in the aforementioned themes. Furthermore, the Symposium will serve as a meeting platform for interested parties to discuss the role and tasks of new generations in the leadership of biodiversity conservation initiatives, as well as in the training of specialized human resources. Moreover, the Symposium will bring out discussions about decision-making based on scientific knowledge and information, which will be very useful to decision makers at different scales of the society.

Making the invisible, visible